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Holidays discoverability

GOAL: Help costumers to find and chose their dream holidays.





User desires...

1. Browse and compare holidays

2. Book holidays easily

I kicked off the project with a review of the current mobile web experience, identify pain points, commonalities and how each market (Nordics, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK) where dealing with the experience. As well as a competitor analysis to understand where the market gaps and directions was heading to then define hypothesis to test with costumers based on the current pain points.   



If we... add the fields that are relevant to the user

Then… the user will find their dream holiday


If we... add enough details and make it easy to customize their holiday

Then… the user will be able to book their dream holiday

Development and testing

I organised a remote user testing session to understand

which flow, linear or bespoke, most improved the user’s experience. 

When the bespoke flow was tested with users, we discover that the user felt that they could easily customise the items that they wanted without going back and forth.


  • In general the user felt the bespoke flow was shorter and easier to follow

  • The information was clear and the user quickly proceeded to checkout





User Journey, wireframes and prototypes

Some assumptions were tested via card sorting and remote click tests to finalise the designs.
Also introduce several components to the atomic design system to allow flexibility and scalability while we were designing the app.  


  • Different needs from each of the markets and how to accommodate those so each market could have the flexibility to fulfil each user needs.

  • Managing different stakeholders with different requirements and users needs to align towards a common pattern that will support each region. 

Validation and measure of success

Implemented the designs (iOS & Android) and include analytics (identifiers) in the key areas:

  • Does the user tap on the card to see more details?

  • Does the user check the ‘Price breakdown’?

  • Which cards does the user change in configuration?

  • Does the user tap ‘Summary & Book’ and then complete the booking?

A/B test current experience vs web-view:​

  • 12% improvement in conversion in the native flow compared to the web-view

  • 14% of users change their flight when choosing their holidays

Diabetes programme: Services


TUI is one of the world’s leading tourism groups. The broad portfolio gathered under the Group umbrella consists of strong tour operators.


We worked within a timeframe of 4 to 6 months to deliver the MVP.


  • Leading stakeholders workshops

  • User Research: Competitive Analysis, Card Sorting, Click test

  • UX Design: Wireframes, Assumption mapping, Testing session

  • UI Design: Prototyping, UI Components

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