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GOAL: Help diabetes patients develop key habits needed to successfully manage the disease.





Design sprint goal:
Make SMART habits sticky

During the design sprint we looked at: How Might We... 'Motivate the user to stick to their goal?' or 'Assess readiness to change?' among other topics. We mapped the user journey from the user's initial diagnosis until they start thinking about how to improve their health. During this sprint we consulted an expert to understand the fine detail and complications of this journey. 

"90% of diabetic people have unhealthy lifestyle - overweight or obese and often aren't active. It's really hard to change your lifestyle completely."
- NHS diabetes guidance

Development and testing

With the feature team, I continued to work on implementing the MVP. This included testing several prototypes and carrying out diary studies with end-users  to improve the end product.


  • Bad habits are hard to break. It requires support and help.​

  • Emotional eating is a big problem

  • Stress is a huge factor

  • About 20% of diabetic people have mild depression

  • Asking the user to set small targets helps them to achieve larger goals



User Journey, wireframes and prototypes

I developed the user journey for three different markets: UK, Singapore and USA. These included low- and high-fidelity designs for iOS, Android and web.
Also introduce several components to the atomic design system to allow flexibility and scalability while we were designing the app.  


  • Different behaviour and diets from UK & Singaporean users - find a common journey or create the journey for each market

  • Design sprint - different mind-set and views to align and work into a common goal. 

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