I'm a UX designer. My inspiration comes from films, music, friends, cities and daydreaming. I love to design, crochet and knit as well as photography and lomography. And I can’t live without chocolate, music, swimming, my cycling shoes, my Diana F+ and my small army of gadget. For a better idea of my design thinking and skills, please have a look below, or click 'Projects' up there.

A 42 year-old German, born in Bogotá with a mix of German, Cuban and Spanish heritage. In 1996 I decided to study Marketing and Advertising, before specialising in Graphic Design in Madrid. Recently I've been studying for a Masters in Digital Humanities, with a focus on cultural heritage. I have been working in the editorial, health, hospitality, travel and agency industries for several years across three different countries. I'm adept at in (re)branding and transforming interactions for online products such as mobile design, websites, intranets, and responsive email. I'm experienced as a team leader, I'm a problem solver and I have a strong client-service focus. I live and breathe UX/UI design, digital communication and any new technology that helps me build good products.



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