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Amend order in the 'book a slot' page

GOAL: How to remove confusion on users when have to amend an order

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User desires...

1. Amend orders

2. Amend multiple orders at the same time

We know that customers regularly amend their orders, but what

isn't clear to users is when they have multiple scheduled orders, and therefore need to decide which order they want to amend. This can become unclear and confusing to our customers, so we're trying to find ways of making it clear which order is currently being amended, and working within our existing technical constraints that only allow a single order to be amended at a time.


How Might We help users change their slot on the amend order journey without getting confused?

Current experience

Currently users can amend their orders from the order page or when booking a slot. The booking slot experience reflects the different orders on the booking slot grid. The page have several call outs and make the process of amending a slot overwhelming and confusing.


  • Users use can only amend one order per time

  • Users can have several orders

  • Users can amend orders from book a slot page

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User testing and prototypes

We launched a comprehensive test to better understand users understanding which orders they where trying to amend and make more clear the messaging on the site. We also ran a couple of hypothesis test to validate which option will better help the users to amend the order and remove the confusion.


  • Technical constrains that only allow users to amend one order at a time.

  • Working fast to serve more customers during the pandemic.

Validation and measure of success

We provided an easy way for the user to change their slot while

they are on the amend mode. And looking at how to make clear which amend order are the user changing. As well as trying to improve this journey when users have multiple orders booked.


  • Have a banner at the top of the book a slot page that confirm which slot is being amend. 

  • Not only use colour but also information on the page to convey which is the order being amended. This was a critical point as we were championing accessibility as well. 


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